International Motor Travel Traffic

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International Travel Driving Document

International Driving License ACCEPTED WORLDWIDE

Issued by the International Automobile Association
( IAA )



The November 8th, 1968 Vienna Convention on Road Traffic was amended in 2006. This amendment requires the International Drivers License to contain additional identifiable information pertaining to the Holder of the license. The purpose of this additional information is to aid law enforcement officers in case of an emergency or any other issue that may arise on the road involving the license holder.

It is worth mentioning that, most national driver’s license contains very limited identifiable information that will aid law enforcement officers abroad. This lack of complete identifiable information may cause problems such as an unnecessary penalty, the driver’s detention or forfeiture of the vehicle in a foreign country.

International MotorTravel Traffic

In Thailand, You Must Carry an International Driver’s License at All Times When Riding a Scooter-Motorcycle or Motorbikes

The  International Driving License issued by the International Automobile Association is a translation of a national driver’s license which diminishes the difficulties connected with various language barriers and adds comfort to the motorist’s journeys in different territories.check point

While many countries do not have organizations similar to the American Automobile Association (AAA) in the USA, which provides International Driver Permit, our organization offers an alternative way to overcome language differences when traveling. The style that we carry is very straightforward and easy to understand. The English data is numbered with a foreign language translation adjacent to it for easier comprehension. The Unofficial International Driving Document issued by IAA consists of two parts, a plastic card, and a booklet. The motorist should carry both at all times, along with the original valid license.

Another advantage of The International Driving Document: There is no official test required because it is a translation of your original driver’s license. It is printed in 29 languages – the United Nations Official languages (English, French, Germany, Persian, Spanish, Italy, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Thailand, Indian, Pakistan, Arabic……..

This license is accepted by most major insurance organizations throughout South East Asia. If you need to rent a car, it can be valuable as well. In fact, in many countries, you cannot rent a car unless you have an International Driving Document. In Europe, many travel officials claim the International Driving Document is more necessary in some countries than others, but it’s advised for most.

The International Driving License is a translation document of your driver’s license. It’s very useful for Car Rentals, Insurances and Driving worldwide  Present your IDL to officials in foreign countries to help them interpret your native driver’s license. It is an important document for those who are traveling overseas, closing any language barriers and communication gaps.


     There is  No written or Driving test requiredHowever; you must be at least 18 years or older and have an official government issued driver’s license to obtain an IDL.


This IDL is accepted by most major insurance organizations