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Do I need pay in Bank ?
FAQYou can as below:
1- Cash
2- Slip ( ATM- internet banking- mobile banking- inside of Bank)
3- PayPal
Can I apply for my License with Post ?
Yes, you can apply by post as well, just please advise us the relative tracking number ( EMS) once you sent your documents to our address.  
Can I apply for my license with via line or other Messenger?
Yes: You Can Apply by Line. or Another messenger   Line Id: idl-iaa.in.th/Managing Director Christine.rad +66 936236302
Can I apply for my license with Email?
EMS EN/EMS THAIYes, You can scan all your documents and send via email. Contact Usiaathai.idl@gmail.com     Info@idl-iaa.in.thContact Us
Where do I apply for International Driver’s License?
Office Address:  Dracaena Plaza, IAA., 01 No, 3/4 Moo 8, Chaofah Rd, T Chalong,A.Muang Phuket, 83130,Thailand  IAA THAI IDL Actually: Opposite of Homepro Villa Market Chalong
Do I have to apply in person?
Our office is based in Phuket opposite of Home Pro, Chalong. If possible we recommend you complete the application in our office, but if no have time or you are not in Phuket, so your family or your friend can bring your documents but all the documents should be signed  by a person who needs IDL.
How do I know when my License will ready?
We will call to your number or send Email to you once your license will ready to pick it up or sending to your address.
What do I have to bring with me?
You need a normal copy (scan) of your original valid driver’s license( front & back), Copy of your passport, colour photograph of any size on a uniform background, scanned images of signatures on a white background with a black pen. Also, you will need to fill out an application for an IDL at our site or in the office
How long does it take to get the IDL processed ?
The process takes 1 day
Do I need a native license for apply my international driver’s license?
Yes, You must have a native license. and passport
 How will I benefit by carrying an International Driving License on my next overseas trip?

The International Driving License (IDL) is a document that provides important information from your driver’s license in 29 different languages, including English. The IDL is recognized in over 150 countries today. Carried in conjunction with a regular driver`s license, the IDL can help break down language barriers when travelling in non-English speaking countries.