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International Drivers License Thailand

Issued by International Automobile Association


is a translation of a native driver’s license which allows the motorist to drive in different territories without experiencing difficulties with various language barriers. It is printed in 29 languages including English, German, French, Spanish, Persian, Thailand, Russian,  Chinese, Arabic,   and ……… 

IDL_IAA/idl-iaa.in.th/IAA Thailand
IDL_IAA / ใบขับขี่สากล/IAA Thailand

The International Driving Permit, often (and incorrectly) referred to as International Driving License, is a document that, along with your valid home driver's license, allows you to legally drive a motor vehicle while abroad.


As a security feature, to avoid any forgery of INTERNATIONAL DRIVER'S LICENSE is the Security Shield Hologram that covers each card. It protects the card, prolongs its life and also eliminates any possibilities of counterfeiting.

consists of two parts, a plastic card, and a booklet like-passport. The motorist should carry both at all times, along with the original license.

idl-iaa booklet/IDL Traveling/IDL_IAA/iaathai/IAA Thailand/FAQidl-iaa cover/IDL_IAA/iaathaiIDL plastic card/IDL Traveling/IDL_IAA/iaathai/IAA ThailandIDL_IAA/iaathai


We have 4 type licenses available.

  • 1 Year IDL: 2,500 THB
  • 5 Years IDL: 3,500 THB
  • 10 Years IDL: 4,500 THB
  • 20 Years IDL: 5,500 THB
  • Express Mail (Thailand) (EMS) 200 THB
  • Express Mail (International) (DHL) 2000 THB


Valid in most countries around the world.


  • “No test required” You only need your valid driver’s license to apply!
  • Drive with confidence almost any place in the world.
  • Rent a car, wherever you are.
  • Absolute Solution For Misunderstandings! No more misunderstandings with the local traffic authorities. They would easily see the real information translated into English. The only thing you need to do is to carry your original driver‘s license with you.
  • Available all over the world! As long as you have an original driver’s license from your own country you can use this document anywhere in the world.
  • Now you can easily search for your document! Have you forgotten your original driver’s license at home? No worries! In a case of emergency, you can use our search on our website to find your driver’s license record. You can prove and present all the information anytime, anywhere!
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